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Drum seasoning / mixing machine NDB

Special offer: 9870 EUR

Drum seasoning / mixing machine

Frozen block flaker FBF 600

Special offer: 24900 EUR

Frozen block flaker

Vacuum Cutter Mixer PROFI CUT

Special offer: 63147 EUR

vacuum cutter

Automatic Electric Conveyor Belt Continuous Deep Fryer 400/1100/12

Special offer: 7900 EUR

Table fryer

Capping Extruder For Honey Wax

Special offer: 2438 EUR

Capping extruder

Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

Special offer: 16570 EUR

Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

Milk Cooling Tank

Special offer: 990 EUR

milk cooling tank

Submersible Pump With No Seal

Special offer: 2500 EUR

pump with no seal

Vane Pump

Special offer: 2550 EUR

Vane pump

Water Chiller/ Cooler CWP

Special offer: 1988 EUR




Vacuum tumbler | Meat tumbler | MEAT MIXER

        Vacuum tumbler | Meat tumbler | MEAT MIXER


Vacuum tumbling machinery for marinating of meat is constructed for the highest standard  of marinating, coating, mixing of meat, without destroying its form while conserving beneficial characteristics.


The construction of the machinery helps mixing, salting or pickling of uncooked product under vacuum, which improves the quality of the merchandise, enhancing the method of dispersion or infiltration of additives, and acquires exceptional quality goods from uncooked product.


Our meat tumbling technology is constructed to eliminate air and add moisture and marinade into the product. 


In a tumbler, the marinade is massaged into the meat again and again, generating dump product saturated with flavor. The method of tumbling is extremely valuable when marinating as it retains moisture and lowers time required to marinate meat.


VC 200 machine for food processing are hugely popular with meat producers and well-known cooking professionals to improve the taste of meat.

Vacuum tumbler | Meat tumbler | MEAT MIXER 

Tumblers are sometimes called barrel tumblers or drum tumblers.  The product in the tumbler goes through spinning and is thrown on itself with a chosen marinade. This process is known as penetrating – pulling in humidity in the meat, which results in meat that has a better taste and flavour.


Normit vacuum tumbling machines soften meat, while helping absorbing spice, salt or marinade. Operating them is very simple, and the loading and unloading is also uncomplicated. In the end, the finished product has bigger moisture, is softer, with nicer look and improved consistency.


Tumbling process with the preservation of uncooked meat is one the significant challenges that the meat sectors has to deal with. The vacuum tumbling machine is the ideal solution for the meat industry. Normit vacuum tumbling equipment are made in a capacity from 600 to 3,000 L, are designed for pork, chicken meat or sea food, and are perfect for meat factory of any capacity. 


The tumbling is quite easy; to start with, the content is placed inside of the drum together with a chosen marinade, flavourings and another ingredients that are required for infusion.


Vacuum tumbler | Meat tumbler | MEAT MIXER catalog


During the second stage, the air is evenly, slowly eliminated  with the help of a vacuum. While the drum is in rotating motion, the product gets soaked with fluid, which is caused by distinctive vacuum pressure.


In the last stage, the meat product contracts and receives the flavouring liquid while air further expands under vacuum. This process causes more tissue to be exposed, which results in a cellular absorption reaction. The drum of the tumbler is constructed to raise its content, and the tumbled product is taking turn in the middle of two surroundings. One partly without air; another one is an under water. These surroundings, mixed with the characteristics of the flavouring liquid, bring about interraption of bacterial cell membranes, which results in a decline of bacteria or food related diseases.






Using our equipment can substantially improve the yield of the final product and enhance its consumer features by increasing speed of the salting processes and maturation of uncooked ingredients, removing the impact of oxidative processes, enhancing the form. The equipment was designed for many different processing methods demanding vacuum.


How it works:

  • Meat is sittuated in a tank in which vacuum gets activated by means of a vacuum pump.
  • Repeated rotating motion of the drum ensures an even delivery of the temperature.

A unique characteristic of the Normit tumbling machine is its multifunctionality. Following the processing, the product may be instantly cooked or cooled in the tumbling machine, with no moving, therefore lowering expenses.


Suited materials: 

Vacuum tumbler | Meat tumbler | MEAT MIXER catalogue

  • meat
  • fish
  • seafood
  • fruit and vegetable
  • pet food
  • other smoked goods


  • heating
  • vacuum
  • massaging spices into the meat
  • cooling
  • cooking


To obtain further information about vacuum equipment, or to arrange a free consultation, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 










 Vacuum production line for making healthy fruit or vegetable chips


The complete production line of potato snacks / chips - for the production fruit or vegetable chips under vacuum






Drum seasoning machine 


Drum type coating flavouring machine for an unbeatable price, universal use, simple unique design, highest quality stainless steel material made in EU. 





Cream honey machine (Honey creamer and homogenizer CH Profi )




Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer



The machine was constructed mainly for manufacturing of higher viscosity pharmaceutical or cosmetic materials like cosmetic cream and many others. 


Vegetable/fruit air

bubble washing machine


Bubble washing machine



Vacuum fryer for making banana chips 





Honey pasteurizer





Continuous screw cooker 




 Continuous blancher

Continuous blancher



 Parný defrostátor (continuous Blancher with steam injection)


Frozen blocks flaker

 Block flaker


Steam/electric cooker with mixer

 Steam/electric cooker with mixer


Tank Bottom Ball Valve

Tank Bottom Ball


Inclined conveyor belt

with vibrating sieve

 Inclined conveyor belt with vibrating sieve


Pharmaceutical stainless

steel reactors and tanks

 Pharmaceutical stainless steel reactors and tanks


Homogenizer Gydromix

Homogenizer Gydromix


Bottom entry mixer

Bottom entry mixer


 Homogenizer Ultra-shear

 Homogenizer Ultra-shear


Butter homogenizer

Butter Homogenizer


Vacuum mixing 

Vacuum mixing 


Vacuum homogenizer VMG

Vacuum homogenizer VMG


Atmospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit 


Atmospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit


Armospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit


Cooking & Cooling Line

Cooking and Cooling line


Y - mixer


Vacuum Cooker

Vacuum cooker


Condensate honey dehumidifier

Condensate honey dehumidifier






Design and development




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Cutting, peeling, corring  machines


Extractor for coffee




Coater machine


Ball mill PDF


Brine dissolver PDF


Centrifugal separator PDF


Deep fryer


Food dryer PDF


Hose pump PDF


Milk dryer PDF


Mobile bin


Submersible fryer PDF


Autoclave NORMA medical PDF


Aerodynamic dryer PDF


Scraped surface heat exchanger PDF


Size grinding machine


Y (V) type mixer PDF


Jam production line PDF

Oitment production line PDF