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Drum seasoning / mixing machine NDB

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Drum seasoning / mixing machine

Frozen block flaker FBF 600

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Frozen block flaker

Vacuum Cutter Mixer PROFI CUT

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vacuum cutter

Automatic Electric Conveyor Belt Continuous Deep Fryer 400/1100/12

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Table fryer

Capping Extruder For Honey Wax

Special offer: 2438 EUR

Capping extruder

Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

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Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

Milk Cooling Tank

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milk cooling tank

Submersible Pump With No Seal

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pump with no seal

Vane Pump

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Vane pump

Water Chiller/ Cooler CWP

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Vacuum Fryer Apple Chips


The VFB 20 is designed to process a wide range of products such as potatoes,carrots, onions, celery, beetroots and many other fruits or vegetables for making snacks, chips. This device allows you to experiment with a wide range of food products with its versatility of use.



Complex unit is intended for the heat
treatment of 

vacuum fryer  apple chipsfood:


  • blanching
  • drying
  • vacuum frying (snacks, chips)

The Vaccum fryer for making apple chips consists of three working containers:for blanching, frying and oil storage.



The device is equipped with:

  • vacuum pump
  • heating system
  • flter system
  • system for removing excess fat - centrifuges
  • condensing system
  • pipe system with the oil pump
  • automatic control system


"An apple a day will keep doctor away", Apples have been deservedly called "king of fruits". They contain carbohydrates, multivitamins, antioxidants, minerals. They are able to metabolize calories and avert obesity, amongst many other health benefits. They also have an ability to decrease the neutral fat content in the blood. Fat is eliminated from the human body. 1 or 2 apples a day could decrease the risk of heart disease, cholesterol by 16%, plus decrease the risk of getting lung cancer. 

Apple Chips Vacuum Frying Machine


Vacuum frying is intended to fry food under low temperature settings, so it can dramaticaly prevent the elimination of food nutrients which is caused by high temperature, and preserve the fruits perfect color and flavor. 


The process of making apple chips is a process of frying under vacuum which evaporates the water inside the apple until the water content in the product reaches about 5%. The product remains free of preservative, non-pigmented and rich in fiber. The end product is healthy and natural snack.


Machine for making apple chips manufactured by Normit company has the following benefits:


1. Completely automatic, controlled with computer, easy operation, only one person is required for the whole operation, saving costs.

2. The design is simple and unique, the final product is exceptional in quality and color.

3. Frying of apple chips and de-oiling happen under vacuum. 

4. As one of the options, it can be supplied with automatic oil filtration mechanism, which does not only collect oil but also filter it. This ensures huge convenience for the food businesses.


You are welcome to visit our factory in Europe, Slovakia, we will show you exceptional apple chips frying equipment!

Our engineers are able to service and provide installation and training also overseas.


Vacuum Fryer Apple Chips


The role of vacuum in producing snacks:

Vacuum drying and frying is an alternative method of making high-quality fruit and vegetable chips. Our 
professional staff’s knowledge, experience, and expertise allow them to manufacture the very best equipment in this area. The main details that determine a product’s quality are its structure, color, taste, and oil content. Under vacuum processing, the product’s structure is not harmed, as it is not subjected to mechanical action. Frying is carried out at low pressure, which lowers the temperature that the oil boils at. This allows you to produce snacks at low temperature, which makes the end result crunchy but preserves the natural color, taste, and nutritional properties.


The removal, by means of vacuum, of air and oil from the pores in the product brings a number
of advantages. The lack of air in the snack’s pores during processing lowers the time needed to
prepare it, which boosts your output. Removal of oil from pores after frying gives a high-quality
finished product, with a minimal oil content – compare this to the standard processing approach in an atmospheric fryer where the oil content can reach 30–40%. 
The vacuum drying and frying technology developed by our company’s experts, allows you to offer consumers a healthier and delicious product. This is especially relevant today for consumers who care about good nutrition.


vacuum fryer apple chips

An important detail to know about vacuum processing of chips and other snacks, is that frying at low pressure is carried out at low temperature and requires less oil. As a result, the snack that results will not contain acrylamide and other carcinogens. Retaining the natural taste and color of fruit, vegetable, and other chips lets you reduce the amount of taste enhancers and food coloring applied, or avoid using them at all. 

The compactness and multiple usabilities of the device allow the use of a vacuum fryer with blancher even for smaller operations for the production of food products, but also for special experimental laboratories for large-scale manufacturers of food products. The fryer is equipped with an automatic control system via the PLC controller. The operator and control system has 2 adjustment modes: automatic, manual.


Automatic mode allows easy and safe operation of the device based on pre-programmed

product recipes. The manual mode allows you to control the functionality of the system itself and its unit, but also to test new variants of production recipe. This mode opens possibilities for your creativity and to innovative products, but also for research work in a laboratory environment.
The automatic cleaning system is undoubtedly a great advantage for easier use and maintenance of the device.

For more information about this product, please contact our sales depertment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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 Vacuum production line for making healthy fruit or vegetable chips


The complete production line of potato snacks / chips - for the production fruit or vegetable chips under vacuum






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Drum type coating flavouring machine for an unbeatable price, universal use, simple unique design, highest quality stainless steel material made in EU. 





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The machine was constructed mainly for manufacturing of higher viscosity pharmaceutical or cosmetic materials like cosmetic cream and many others. 


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