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Drum seasoning / mixing machine NDB

Special offer: 9870 EUR

Drum seasoning / mixing machine

Frozen block flaker FBF 600

Special offer: 24900 EUR

Frozen block flaker

Vacuum Cutter Mixer PROFI CUT

Special offer: 63147 EUR

vacuum cutter

Automatic Electric Conveyor Belt Continuous Deep Fryer 400/1100/12

Special offer: 7900 EUR

Table fryer

Capping Extruder For Honey Wax

Special offer: 2438 EUR

Capping extruder

Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

Special offer: 16570 EUR

Kettle for Soy Milk Production MH120

Milk Cooling Tank

Special offer: 990 EUR

milk cooling tank

Submersible Pump With No Seal

Special offer: 2500 EUR

pump with no seal

Vane Pump

Special offer: 2550 EUR

Vane pump

Water Chiller/ Cooler CWP

Special offer: 1988 EUR




Vacuum fryer carrot chips

carrot chips machine, vacuum fryer for carrot chips


Stand out from others and sell contemporary healthier carrot crisps!


The carrot also called as the "queen of the vegetables" is saturated with nutrients and the richest source of beta-carotenes.

Beta-carotene in the human body is transformed into Vitamin A (Retinol). Carrot is also rich in other vitamins: B, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D (Calciferol) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), Vitamin B5 (Pantotenic Acid), Siliceous, Pectin and essential oil is an important source of minerals and trace elements. Contains Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. Carrot is full of antioxidants and full fiber. On the other hand, it contains a minimum of fats and sugars.






In short, a superb vegetable full of strength, derived from its vitamins and other ingredients from which you can, thanks to our technological equipment, produce excellent products full of flavor with the preservation of vitamins and other beneficial substances with attractive color and high utility properties.






An exclusive machinery for carrot preparing is a vacuum fryer, which produces higher quality healthier food.


For a free consultation about our vacuum fryers, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Carrot chips, and other snacks with exceptional flavor prepared under vacuum are gaining the popularity amongst customers, they are healthy, tasty, full of vitamins with minimal oil content, also suitable as a nutritional supplement for athletes and children.



Vacuum fryer carrot chips



When processing using vacuum, the liquid is eliminated from chips rather shortly. This accelerates the snack processing method, while the oil doesnt get into the open pores of the material, so the final chip consists of less than 7% of oil  content - in comparison with 40% in the classic method! Snacks are made in a vacuum fryer under lower pressure, which enables frying of the product at low er temperature - 85 to 120 ° C. No carcinogenic substances exist in the oil. 






For low temperature processing, the snacks keep their original color, flavor, aroma or nutritions. Vacuum frying turns fruit and vegetable into healthier products that are extremely favored, developing into a quality substitue to standard snacks.


Vacuum frying allows you to produce light healthier chips and food with higher worth at less spending of electricity and other sources in comparison with the standard frying, providing the proprietor of the equipment a competing advantage.

 Vacuum fryer carrot chips

The carrot chips fried in a vacuum fryer is better as a result of:

  • Less oil - up to 7%
  • The tempting color of the product - close to its original colour, the product does not darken and no black spots are formed on the surface
  • Oil - does not add undesirable odor and taste to the product
  • It keeps useful features in the product
  • Acrylamide-free - its content in the product is 94% less than in a product prepared in a classic fryer
  • No carcinogenic substances


We design and manufacture a complete solution for carrot processing from washing, cleaning, slicing, pressing, drying, frying, cooking, blanching, sterilizing ... where the final product can be puree, baby food, snacks, sterilized carrots , a natural or concentrated carrot juice that is one of the tastiest and healthiest juices ever.


For more information about our vacuum fryers, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Vacuum fryer carrot chips video






 Vacuum production line for making healthy fruit or vegetable chips


The complete production line of potato snacks / chips - for the production fruit or vegetable chips under vacuum






Drum seasoning machine 


Drum type coating flavouring machine for an unbeatable price, universal use, simple unique design, highest quality stainless steel material made in EU. 





Cream honey machine (Honey creamer and homogenizer CH Profi )




Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer



The machine was constructed mainly for manufacturing of higher viscosity pharmaceutical or cosmetic materials like cosmetic cream and many others. 


Vegetable/fruit air

bubble washing machine


Bubble washing machine



Vacuum fryer for making banana chips 





Honey pasteurizer





Continuous screw cooker 




 Continuous blancher

Continuous blancher



 Parný defrostátor (continuous Blancher with steam injection)


Frozen blocks flaker

 Block flaker


Steam/electric cooker with mixer

 Steam/electric cooker with mixer


Tank Bottom Ball Valve

Tank Bottom Ball


Inclined conveyor belt

with vibrating sieve

 Inclined conveyor belt with vibrating sieve


Pharmaceutical stainless

steel reactors and tanks

 Pharmaceutical stainless steel reactors and tanks


Homogenizer Gydromix

Homogenizer Gydromix


Bottom entry mixer

Bottom entry mixer


 Homogenizer Ultra-shear

 Homogenizer Ultra-shear


Butter homogenizer

Butter Homogenizer


Vacuum mixing 

Vacuum mixing 


Vacuum homogenizer VMG

Vacuum homogenizer VMG


Atmospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit 


Atmospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit


Armospheric mixing unit

Atmospheric mixing unit


Cooking & Cooling Line

Cooking and Cooling line


Y - mixer


Vacuum Cooker

Vacuum cooker


Condensate honey dehumidifier

Condensate honey dehumidifier






Design and development




Apparatus for producing insulin PDF




Cutting, peeling, corring  machines


Extractor for coffee




Coater machine


Ball mill PDF


Brine dissolver PDF


Centrifugal separator PDF


Deep fryer


Food dryer PDF


Hose pump PDF


Milk dryer PDF


Mobile bin


Submersible fryer PDF


Autoclave NORMA medical PDF


Aerodynamic dryer PDF


Scraped surface heat exchanger PDF


Size grinding machine


Y (V) type mixer PDF


Jam production line PDF

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